TMLEP Unveils Cutting-Edge Medico-Legal Technologies at the 33rd Annual Medico Legal Congress in Sydney
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TMLEP Unveils Cutting-Edge Medico-Legal Technologies at the 33rd Annual Medico Legal Congress in Sydney

TMLEP, a renowned UK-based healthcare and legal technology provider, is proud to announce its sponsorship of the 33rd Annual Medico Legal Congress in Sydney on 19-20 March 2024, where it will be unveiling its new technologies for the Australian medico-legal market, helping lawyers and insurers obtain expert evidence and paginate medical records.

This significant move marks TMLEP’s dedication to expanding its footprint in Australia and the Asia-Pacific region, as it brings its innovative products to the global market.

As part of its mission to enhance global healthcare standards and patient safety, TMLEP is showcasing its cutting-edge services at the congress. The highlights include:

A New Expert Evidence Sourcing Technology Portal: TMLEP has recently released a new portal designed for law firms and insurers, enabling swift access to expert evidence for accurate assessment of liability in clinical negligence claims.

AI-Driven Pagination: TMLEP has pioneered the development of TitanEMR, a groundbreaking new AI based technology product in the medico-legal sector which revolutionises the pagination process. With TitanEMR, users can easily sort medical records bundles with a few clicks, and then view desired pages with unprecedented ease and accuracy.

We are excited to confirm the attendance of key TMLEP personnel, including Zoe Newark, Regional Director, Alex Acaster, Global Chief Operating Officer, and Aditi Manoharan, Regional Manager. They will be available to discuss and demonstrate the effectiveness of TMLEP’s services during the conference.

A highlight of the congress will be a talk by Alex Acaster on the integration of Artificial Intelligence (AI) in the medico-legal sector. He will delve into the upcoming changes in the industry, the surge in AI applications, and their impact on legal services and expert evidence. This insightful presentation is aimed at preparing professionals for the AI revolution in the medico-legal field.

TMLEP’s sponsorship of this event underscores its commitment to building brand awareness and fostering client relationships in the Asia-Pacific region. It reflects the company’s dedication to bringing innovative solutions to the forefront of global healthcare and legal practices.

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